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This service has been designed to accelerate your care with The International Spine Centre®.

Our team will rapidly assess your condition and ensure you have access to the experts you need, quickly setting you on the pathway to wellness.


We offer a team approach of experienced clinicians

GP with Special Interests

Exercise Physiologist



You will be offered a medical appointment with one of our experienced Spinal Clinicians.

 Our Spinal Clinicians are a team of General Practitioners. They are experts in spine and nerve issues and are overseen and trained by our consultant surgeons.

 They will take a comprehensive history and you will have a clinical examination. Your spinal clinician will arrange any necessary tests to enable us to reach an accurate diagnosis and determine appropriate treatments.

 You may also be offered a movement assessment with one of our exercise physiologists to highlight undesirable movement patterns and restrictions.

 You will have the opportunity to discuss your options including appointments with specialists across surgery, medicine, movement and mind as appropriate.

 At all times, we will liaise with your referring care team.