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Maintain bladder health

Regain control of your life


Bladder problems and continence issues can cause
embarrassment and shame. This can impact on your
confidence and quality of life.

Nerves play an important role

in the function of the urinary system.

Our integrated neuro-bladder team

offers fast and effective treatment options

for people with complex bladder problems

who are suffering with conditions such as:

Spinal Cord Injury Multiple Sclerosis
Cauda Equina Injury Movement Disorder
Spinal Cord Tumour Motor Neurone Disease
Spina Bifida Muscular Dystrophy
Brain Injury Parkinson’s Disease
Brain Tumour Diabetes
Stroke Pelvic Conditions


Have you been struggling on your own without a clear understanding of what’s wrong?

And you know how difficult it is to be seen quickly by an expert?

 Would it be life changing to have greater social freedom?

 You can see us without a referral within a week

 That gets us started with your investigations to reach a definitive diagnosis

 You will then gain a personalised management plan that may include intervention, surgery and lifestyle services


 Fast-Track GP Service – No referral needed. Your entry point to get started with your bladder care

 Urological Opinion – Expert opinion from our specialist neuro-urologist to discuss results, diagnosis and treatment, including surgical and non-surgical options

 Urodynamics – Boutique onsite investigation to help understand your bladder function

Urological Intervention – Minimally invasive image-guided techniques to physically treat issues

Lifestyle Services & Catheter Support – Work with our urology nurse to develop practical skills to increase confidence with day-to-day activities

Psychology – Coaching and support from a clinical psychologist to assist you in regaining control of your life


We offer a team approach of experienced clinicians

Specialist Neuro-Urologist

GPs with Special Interests

 Urodynamics Nurse

Clinical Nurse Consultant, Lifestyle Services & Catheter Support


Urology Services Enquiry