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We’re Here To Help

The International Spine Centre® is able to offer telehealth consultations. Telehealth is your consultation delivered via video or telephone.

Is it easy? Sure is! If you need help contact our team or ask a friend or family member to go through this page with you as it shows how easy it is. 


Video Consult

This is best as we can see and hear each other.

You also see your scans and results on screen. Your doctor will explain what they show and what it means to you.


Hybrid Consult

You can see and hear us but we can only hear you


Phone Consult

A telephone call where we can hear each other


We use Microsoft Teams to host our telehealth consultations. You can join these consults:

Straight from a web browser (Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer, or Firefox)

Unfortunately Safari (as generally found on iPhones and other Apple products) is not supported so please download the app.

Via the Microsoft Teams desktop or mobile apps

Microsoft Teams is available from the Microsoft Website and via the Google Play Store and Apple Store.

We’ve set up a test consultation so you can make sure your system works in advance of your telehealth consultation. You’ll know you’ve connected successfully when you get a message indicating you’re in the lobby.

+61 2 8318 0088   Australia, Sydney (Toll)
Conference ID: 452 956 004#

For audio (e.g. if your device does not have speakers and/or microphone), you can use the dial-in information included in the consultation request.

Please see Telehealth Guidelines For Patients for further instructions on using video conferences.

Like any medical consultation, there are some actions you can take to help make it as productive and beneficial as possible including:

Support Person
Support Person

You may choose to have another adult join you

  • This person may assist you during and after the consult to understand your treatment plan
  • This person may assist with the video if you are required to perform some basic tests (such as walking)

Telehealth consultations have a defined structure

  • Your healthcare practitioner will manage the consultation carefully to ensure they have the information they need to offer you the best possible care
  • Your consult time is limited so if you have specific questions you would like addressed please make note of these prior to your appointment
  • Please raise anything that is troubling you during the appointment. This may be related to what is being discussed but may also be related to the technology, the audio or visual quality, any discomfort (physical or emotional) or anything else that is on your mind
The Consultation
The Consultation

Delays are sometimes unavoidable so please be patient

  • Ensure you are ready a few minutes prior to your appointment so you don’t feel rushed
  • Log in to the virtual lobby and allow yourself to consider anything you wish to raise during your appointment
  • Whilst we do our best to keep on schedule, patients before you may have required extra time. So do not be concerned if your consult does not start exactly at the scheduled time, please wait and you will be seen as quickly as possible
  • If we are having trouble connecting with you, we will call you on your phone. There is no need to call us

We will be in touch after the consult

  • Our administration team has access to your treatment plan. We will call you to complete any follow up actions such as sending you test forms and booking appointments
  • An electronic receipt will be sent to you