COVID-19 Response

We’re Here To Help

The International Spine Centre has always believed a collaborative approach works best and this is no different in these unprecedented times with the COVID-19 situation.

In fact, looking after one another is now more important than ever.

To facilitate your ongoing care and safety we have made some changes to the way we work. We ask for you cooperation in order that we may uphold the safety and well-being of all our patients, visitors, staff, health providers and general community.

Visiting The International Spine Centre In Person

In an effort to ensure the health and well-being of our community, we have limited in-person consultations. The goal is to reduce the total number of people visiting us at any one time. If you are attending an in-person consultation we ask that you comply with social distancing, hand hygiene and other societal rules.

In addition, please ensure you only bring a maximum of one other adult with you for support in the consultation. We are unable to accommodate additional people.

Finally, please reschedule your appointment (or change to telehealth) if you:

  • display symptoms of COVID-19 including fever, dry cough, tiredness and shortness of breath
  • have traveled outside of the state within the last 14 days
  • had contact with someone who has been out of the state within the last 14 days or is suspected of having COVID-19

Visiting The International Spine Centre Remotely

We are pleased to offer video and telephone consultations for all of our services across surgery, medicine, movement and mind.

For further details on accessing our telehealth services please contact us or read the instructions found here.