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There’s plenty of places to send your patients, but not many who will look after them as well as you would yourself. So when you’re choosing a referral partner for spinal issues, make sure they put a tick in all the right boxes.


Practical patient reports – fast

We’ll respond to all referrals with a succinct and personalised patient management plan, including medication guidelines, made available on the day of a patient’s consultation.


Rapid assessment service

Our Rapid Assessment Service allows you to expedite patient on-boarding and the commencement of treatment.


Claims and complications

With our Certified Independent Medical Examiners (CIMEs) working with Allianz, SISA, WorkCover Australia and RTWSA, we can act as the initial assessment option if there’s been an incident which may involve an insurance claim or legal action. We also provide second opinions.


Professional development

We’re committed to the elevation of spinal care practices, currently training over 1,500 medical practitioners across Asia and Europe every year and collaborating with as many GPs as possible. So if you’d like to develop your skills further or have a contribution to spinal medicine, we’re the place to turn to.